Our Campaign aims

A campaign to raise awareness of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice.
We support the call for Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions of Israel and Israeli goods.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Palestinian Products ON SALE outside TESCO!

Monday the 30th of March was the Global Day of Action to BOYCOTT ISRAELI GOODS. In SWANSEA supporters of Freedom and Justice for Palestine unfurled a 15ft. Banner outside Tesco in the City Centre, and set up a stall selling Palestinian Oil, Dates, Couscous, Almonds and Olives.
Hunderds of leaflets were handed out, and though the Police were called by the Tesco Management, they took no action.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

MP to write to Chief Constable

Following Police Raids last week on the homes of three Boycott Israel Supporters, Greg Wilkinson and d. Murphy visited their Swansea MP, Alan Williams, to protest against the disporpotionate reaction to their Picketing outside Sainsburys. The MP is to write the Chief Constable of the South Wales Police Force, Barbara Wilding, to ask for an explanation and the return of Greg Wilkinson's computer. 'We are beginning to feel harassed for speaking out' said d. Murphy 'and yet the Palestian people are suffering greatly under Israel's illegal Occupation.'

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Police raided three houses yesterday and arrested two people – on suspicion of 'conspiring to commit racially aggravated criminal damage.' They seized three computers and a lot of papers relating to
Palestine/Israel affairs.

The police, in several vans and cars, were from Bridgend. The charge was related to a minor incursion at the Bridgend Sainsburys last week, during which a couple of boxes of Israeli peppers were sprayed with red paint and a 'Boycott Israel' slogan spray-stencilled on the floor.

The police assumed that the Bridgend and Swansea actions (see below) were co-ordinated, or conspired, by some sort of organisation or command.

Greg Wilkinson had already been arrested in relation to the Tesco Protest in Swansea a few weeks ago, though not charged. D Murphy, who was charged also had her house raided, but happened to be out. The two arrested have been bailed until June 4th.

Greg Wilkinson said: ‘The use of the words 'Israel' and 'Israeli' is no more racist than the use of, say, British, in relation to invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan. No conspiracy exists or is needed to explain the use of red paint in boycott gestures here and there in South Wales - especially since the Swansea action was so widely publicised in local press and online. Raids and searches involving at least 20 police and guards on that one day alone, were a gross waste of police time and public money, not to mention civil liberties.’

Saturday, 7 March 2009


Today more than 300 leaflets were handed out to Sainsburys' customers pointing out that the Store was unlawfully selling herbs labelled 'West Bank' which are in fact grown in illegal Israeli settlements there. The police were called by the Mangagment to have the picketers removed, instead they reached an agreement with the Store to allow us to stay until one o'clock. Similar events are happening all around the country. So support Palestine and Boycott Israeli goods.

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Following the open letter to Vice Chancellor David Grant, the BOOKS not BOMBS demonstration outside the Student Union and the subsequent occupation of the Large Shandon, Cardiff University has divested all shares from BAe Systems and the aerospace arm of General Electric! They have instructed their external fund managers to avoid future investments in the arms trade, and have promised to raise the issue of an ethical investment policy at the next Council Meeting on May 18th. They are also willing to discuss the provision of surplus computers and resources to institutions in Gaza.