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A campaign to raise awareness of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice.
We support the call for Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions of Israel and Israeli goods.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

4th Auntie goes to Gaza

The 3 Aunties were delighted to learn that they are being joined by a fourth. She is Joti Brar from London, and she has been busy fund-raising via Facebook and Twitter, and has so far raised over a £1000 for Humanitarian Aid. Janet, Ingrid and d. will stay with her on Saturday the 5th, and the 4 will set off with the rest of the Convoy first thing Sunday morning the 6th of December.

Swansea to GAZA Countdown - 9 Days

We had really hoped to take an Ambulance with us, but we have had to settle for a 10-seater Mini-Bus with Wheelchiar access, which we have been told will also be very useful in GAZA. We are collecting it tomorrow and taking it straight for a full service, new timeing belt etc, then for a new set of wheels + two spares.

But the fund-raising for the Medical Aid continues, click on the e-bay link to this 30 year old bottle of Irish Whiskey, put up for auction by Paul from Undercurrents - one of the many novel ways people have found to support this Convoy to Gaza!
Click here to bid for the Whiskey

Monday, 23 November 2009

Ambulance to GAZA Countdown - 13 Days

About 60 people turned out last Saturday night to see '3 Uncles go to Gaza' and to meet the 3 Aunties who are joining the convoy from Swansea (see photo). Two Palestinians introduced the film, speaking passionatley about the situation in Gaza. Greg Wilkinson sold dates 'liberated' from Tesco, which had been grown on the illegal Israeli settlements and raised £46 pounds for the Convoy. All in all the night brought in over £350 to go towards the Humanitarian Aid and the Vehicle. Again the support for Palestine was apparent in the generousity people showed in their donations.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

and THANKS to

The FIRE BRIGADE UNION for their very generous donation. To MOZART'S for their Space; to EXOTICA, St. Helen's Rd. for donations of lovely Middle Eastern food; to PRINT PARTNERSHIP for Paper; The PALESTINE SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN Cardiff for sending us £1,000, to KEITH for Sprocket Set, High Vis jacket etc.
And to ALL THOSE people for the £10s and £20s towards the cost of the diesel.

Ambulance to GAZA Countdown - 20 Days

Things are really moving along fast now. We should have our Vechicle - an ex-Social Serivices 14 seater with wheel-chair access, by the middle of next week. There are still essential things we need to get the Vehicle safley to GAZA, and to make it useful to the people there. So if anyone would like to sponser a Spare Tyre, a set of Spark Plugs..........just hit that donate button.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Send a Swansea Ambulance to Gaza

On 5th December, three women from Swansea will embark upon a 2000 mile convoy to the Middle East, bringing aid to the refugee camps of Gaza. They are seeking public donations to purchase an Ambulance.

More than two hundred vehicles including ambulances, fire-engines, refrigerated trucks and vans filled with much needed Humanitarian Aid will leave London bound for the people of Gaza.

The Convoy organised by Viva Palestina, a registered charity, and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) will travel through France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt before entering Gaza.

Janet Hussein, Ingrid Bousquet and d Murphy are all members of Swansea Palestine Community Link which campaigns for justice for Palestine.

Convoy driver, d Murphy said

‘The people of Gaza are lacking most of the basic necessities so the vehicles will be carrying critical Medical, Maternity and Post-natal Supplies, as well as much needed supplies for the Schools – paper, exercise books, pens and crayons.’

As well as delivering Aid, the objective of the convoy is to raise awareness about the siege of Gaza, to show solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Previously other members of SPCL have visited the Palestine Trauma Centre in Gaza, who work mainly with traumatised children. Those on the Convoy hope to meet with them again, and fundraise for their Centre when they return to Swansea in January 2010

You can show your support by making a donation, just click on the donate button to your left.