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Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day- we need your help

It's Christmas morning here, but we are not in Egypt as we expected, but in a car park in Aqaba. After lulling (some of us) into believing we could pass, the Egyptain authorities told the Ferry Captain that we would NOT be allowed to disembark on the Eyptian side.

They have given us 3 options:
1. We leave the aid here for the UN to deliver and go home.
2 We MAY go across as foot passengers but no aid can be carried, and even then we won't be allowed to Rafah.
3. We go by boat to Al Arish, but still not to Gaza.

All ludicrous suggestions. We have already travelled over 3,000 miles, WE ARE NOT TURNING BACK!

Now I know it's Christmas Day and all, but as soon as you get a minute PLEASE e-mail, phone, fax the Egyptian Embassy, get in touch with your MP and local media too.
Media and MP contacts here

Contact the Egyptian Consulate in London
No. 2 Lowndes St. London, SW1X 9ET
Tel: 020 7235 9777 – Fax:020 7235 5684
Also eg.emb_london@mfa.gov.eg

A video report can be watched here which includes images of 2 of the Swansea Aunties

In the meantime we have a Football Match between the Turkish, Syrians, Palestinians, Jordanians on one side and the Us and Europeans on the others, this afternoon, and home-made entertainment in the car park in the evening culminating with a ceili!(if I can remember the moves)!!

This must be the strangest Christmas Day ever, but the messages on the blog, on Facebook, and the e-mails have been heart-warming. Keep them coming, we need your support now more than ever.

Christmas Greetings from the Swansea Aunties on the edge of the Red Sea.

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