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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Convoy in Italy

The convoy has reached Italy and is working it's way down to catch the Ferry to Greece at Ancona

Successful launch of tent last nite. Up early and into the mountains this am, but technical hitches have left us lagging.

Heading south through the bella Italian Alps. Poor little bus feeling the strain, but we're determined 2 deliver her 2 Gaza! Sunset on mountain tops. Horns toot in support. Only 150 odd miles to go before we camp.

Past Verona now and heading south. One more hour to Modena. Beautiful stars in a clear sky means v cold camping 2nite!

Parked at Modena, S of Verona. Bradford's Muktar providing a curry. Big park, HGVs on one side, VP on the other, trucks hooting in support.

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