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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Day One of Hunger Strike

There was a good hours noisy protest on a roundabout and 15 of us went on Hunger Strike symbolically starting at 11.27am (when Israel bombed Gaza this time last year)

A few of us circumvented police blocks to reach the Egyptian consulate and stayed till 5pm. But we are continuing tomorrow. I am a bit peckish now.

Nearing the end of Day 1 of her Hunger Strike, D Murphy said
'Our actions are in solidarity with the people of the gaza strip, whose suffer due to Israel' and Egypts' cruel and inhumane lockdown of the entire area.

As a mother and grandmother, I think especially of the children, who often go to bed hungry because of the blockade, and hope our actions will put pressure on the Egyptian government to let us pass into Gaza with the desperately needed aid we are carrying'.

The Aunties urge you to contact the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in London to express your outrage that the convoy has been stopped.
Here are the numbers open on Mon-Fri: 0930–1630 . Be firm but polite

(020) 7499 3304/2401
(020) 7235 9719 Consulate General
(020) 7493 2649 Defence Office
(020) 7499 3002 Commercial Office
(020) 7409 2236 Press and Information Office
(020) 7491 7720 Cultural Office
(020) 7493 5283 State Tourist Bureau
(020) 7370 6944 Medical Office

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