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Saturday, 26 December 2009

I really struggle with EASY!

Boxing Day-It's lovely and mad here at the same time. The people in Aqaba, like everywhere else are beyond praising - hotels have thrown open their doors,everyone is inviting us for meals, etc.

But yesterday I felt really down for the first time - the thought of not even getting as far as Rafah is heart-breaking.

Aqaba has it all, beautiful climate, beach, friendly people - but I didn't come for a holiday, so I'm struggling to adjust. If this had been happening after delivering the Aid and the Vehicles, that could have been perfect - but what am I complaining about, look at those photos!

You know, if we had this stand off in the desert I'd have been happier, what I've learned about myself is that I can do HARD, but I really struggle with EASY!

Last night we Muslims, Christians and 'Humanitarians' went to the Greek Orthodox church and sang carols on the steps with the Father there. Photo shows D and the Father of the Greek Orthodox church of St Nichlas.

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