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Friday, 18 December 2009

In East Turkey heading to Gaza

In Konya, East Turkey now. While most Western Media have ignored the convoy,publicity is 'wall to wall' in Turkey. Konya press conference was held to keep up momentum.
The convoy, which left London on 6 December with around 80 aid-packed vehicles, has been boosted by a further 62 vehicles donated by the IHH, Turkey's main humanitarian aid agency.

The convoy, which includes ambulances, trucks and vans driven by volunteers from around the world, will now drive through Syria,Jordan and Egypt on its way to Gaza. It hopes to enter Gaza through the Rafa crossing on 27 December, to deliver its cargo of medical, humanitarian and educational aid on the first anniversary of the day Israel
began its three week assault on Gaza, which resulted in the deaths of more than
1,400 Palestinians.A USA newspaper interviewed Joti and has reported the convoy so read it here.

This is the third Viva Palestina convoy to attempt to break Israel's siege of Gaza this
year. It has been organised by the charity, Viva Palestina, and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the UK's largest organisation campaigning for solidarity with the Palestinian people. The last two convoys were successful in delivering aid.

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