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Monday, 28 December 2009

Life in the compound

Photo shows Ingrid from Swansea with her banner in French just before being interviewed by TV.
The compound where our convoy members gather during the day, here in Aqaba, is full of activity. The Jordan Professional Association, a trade union organisation, allows us to use its compound and facilities, and provides us with three meals a day. Hotel owners are allowing us to stay in their rooms without charge, and also providing meals. The owners of internet cafes are allowing free use of their computers. Meanwhile, Palestinian Jordanians come to the compound every day to donate money, to ask if they can join the convoy, and to offer their homes for us to stay in.

We've been in Aqaba since Thursday evening, when we arrived from Amman. All the aid we're carrying -- specialised medical equipment, wheelchairs, Braille machines, medicines, blankets, powdered baby milk -- is sitting in our vehicles in a port car pound, going nowhere. There's a danger the medicines will start to spoil in vehicles over-heated by the Middle Eastern sun, and negotiations are underway to move them somewhere cooler.

Our mood is determined and strong. We will get this aid into Gaza. It seems like we will be driving back 500 miles to another port.

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