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Friday, 18 December 2009

Looking ahead and to more convoys

As the third Viva Palestina convoy nears its destination, plans are already afoot for several more.

George Galloway said
"Next year we will bring a Viva Palestina Hugo Chavez convoy from Venezuela, maybe one from Iran which we are currently discussing. And people from other countries such as Australia and South Africa are also asking if they can get involved,"

There are worries among volunteers as to whether the Egyptian government will allow the convoy to pass into Gaza. Both previous convoys faced problems entering the territory, with the US contingent having to wait 10 days before being allowed to enter.

Organizers and participants alike say they will not return home until they are given permission to deliver the aid.
"We will stay at the border until we are allowed in. The fact that we have come this far shows we are committed," insisted Joti.

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