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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

News from Joti

Joti has been twittering from the Swansea Van. Lastest posting was

'Slept in Tyrone man's van last nite. Talk good, comfort bad, sleep minimal. Mountains, tent and real food 2nite (and shower)'

Today's lesson: a convoy is only as fast as its slowest vehicle. Up a big hill. In the rain. On a long and very German road.

A few shenanigans today. Several u-turns required. Another late-night car park arrival seems likely. The glamorous way to see Europe.

Spent the night in a Belgian carpark. Freezing! Had a great reception from some friendly locals. Now heading for Stuttgart via Luxemburg.

Have minibus. Have aid. Have tent. Have apples. Have sleep deprivation. It's all going to be fine. Gaza here we come

More twitterings from the entire convoy on http://twitter.com/readingpsc/vp3

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