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A campaign to raise awareness of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice.
We support the call for Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions of Israel and Israeli goods.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

A response from the 'art for Gaza

Janet from Swansea holds a drawing from a young Turkish girl for children in Gaza.
Solidarity! All through Turkey, groups of people have been waiting in the cold at major road junctions with flags to cheer us on.

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  1. Selam from Ankara....
    I have seen you today in Ankara and we had a short conversation with the lady who has short curly hair about meals... I appreciate your sensitivity to Palestine but unfortunatelly we had absolutely no information about the organization before,as I know the only activity would exist in Istanbul + maybe in Konya. We had heard your coming at the supreme moment and also I'm sure that a lot of people who wanted to be there with you didn't hear. Anyway it's not important any more...We will glad to see you again in Ankara

    Briefly I want to say Ankara's heart is with you and and with Gaza, send our love and selam to Gaza....