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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Things we have learned so far on the journey

1. No plan survives first contact with the convoy. Expect the worst. Triple all time estimates.
2. A convoy is only as fast as its slowest vehicle. Up a big hill. In the rain.
3. CB radio turns grown men into little boys.
4. Camping is probably more fun in the summer.
5. People with pop-up tents are losing out on valuable character-building experience. This may explain their misplaced smugness.
6. There is such a thing as TOO clean (see crazy self-cleaning German toilet seats).
7. Sleep is a waste of time when there are interesting people to talk to.
8. Sleep deprivation makes you first tired, then cross, then manic/slightly hysterical, and finally zen.
9. A tidy minibus in the morning is a skip on wheels by teatime.
10. Carrying aid is highly inconvenient when travelling on an aid convoy.
11. Having off-loaded lots of aid onto more spacious, powerful vehicles in order to make it through the mountains, we now seem to be on a mission to deliver four pointless old tarts to Gaza. Not sure that’s quite what they’re hoping for.
11. Food tastes much better when handed to you by a friendly stranger on a cold, dark night.
12. Chocolate pudding is not to be resisted, especially after a week of camp-stove mealy-meal.
13. Solidarity rocks (inquilab zindabad).
14. In the brotherhood/sorority of (wo)mankind, the things that unite us are far more numerous and significant than the things that divide us.

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