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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Latest update on ship

This is according to a report from Aljazeera Arabic this morning who have a reporter
accompanying the convey:

The Turkish ship, small enough to enter Al Arish port will be loaded with cars and 12
activists ONLY today, it will sail today afternoon to Al Arish. The ship was
diverted from the Lebanese port of Tripoli after Turkish officials intervened.
Only 12 activist were allowed on board "in accordance" with naval law!

*Several planes will arrive to Latikia city tomorrow to transport the remaining

It is worth reminding everyone that the Egyptian foreign minister Ahmad Abu-al Ghait
have threatened few days ago that the Rafah crossing will only be opened from the
3rd of Jan to the 6th of Jan and that if the convey doesn't arrive by the 3rd to
Rafah they will NOT allow it in.

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