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Monday, 4 January 2010

Leaving Syria today

PFLP - Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - Socialists, provided the entertainment for our last day in Syria.

Photo:Ingrid in a 'service' (taxi) going into the Centre of Latikia to go an internet cafe the for the last time in Syria

Photo:Leaving the Palestinian Refugee Camp

We are finally leaving Syria - having first entered on the 20th of December, on schedule to reach Gaza on 27th, and having re-entered Syria on the 29th of December we are FINALLY leaving today - the 4th of January.This is the date most of us expected to be returning home by, but the Egyptians put paid to that.

The first shuttle flight is due to leave at 4pm today, with a 4-hour turn-around, our Team, 'C' is due out on the second run at 8pm. George Galloway flies out on the final flight at 4am tomorrow morning.

The GREAT news is that All the vehicles have passed through customs - so we should be re-united with them. It's hard to describe the mood today -you'd think we'd all be elated - jumping with joy - at this news, but we have all grown a little cynical over the last few weeks, so it's a matter of 'WE'LL BELIEVE IT WHEN WE SEE IT!'

But if it proves to be TRUE, then we will be only 30 miles from GAZA tomorrow! The moment we cross that Rafah crossing with our Vehicles and Aid, THEN there will be Joy! So cross fingers for us, pray for us, send out good wishes for us - we will need them all.

From d, for the Aunties to Gaza.

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