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Friday, 1 January 2010

Awaiting sailing time to Egypt

Arriving at Latakia - with our new mascot - possibly the only way to sneak
a child's toy into Gaza - so each vehicle has taken one.

We are in the northwestern city of Latakia - Syria - as you prob already
know, staying in a strange run down summer camp by the sea, at the edge of
Latakia's Palestinian Refugee Camp - some came here after the NABKA of
'48, but many more in '67. As we roamed the camp this morning, a woman
cleaning her step brought us in for coffee. She had been born in Haifa
but fled with her family to Gaza in '48, then to here in 67. She said
'I'm a refugee twice over' and then she cried.

This is definitely the hardest - but maybe i've said this before - all
those old women who come and kiss you over and over, hold you tight, their
eyes brimming - 'give me love to Gaza' they say 'and to the little
children there' 'tell them we want to come there' 'we hearts are with
them there all the time'

It's tough emotionally, you want to cry with them, and sometimes we do,
but it's their grief not ours, and I think sometimes my tears are tears of
shame that the West, our Governments are colluding, even actively
supporting the Siege of Gaza and the great injustice that is the
Occupation of Palestine.

But the Egyptian Government continues to play sick games with the Convoy,
and as we wait we can't help but wonder what use a Fighter can find for
some baby clothes and cloth nappies.

You probably know more than me - we are waiting for a cargo ship to take
the vehicles, and we will fly on a 153 seater to a tiny airstrip near El
Arish on Sunday - shuttle service, and they could only find one plane.

Can't wait to get to Egypt, now we are beginning to feel like nomads
destined to roam the Middle east forever, dragging our pitiful Aid behind
us. We passed the 4,000 mile mark in Damascus - what a wonderful little
bus we have!

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  1. Good luck guys!!!! :)
    God bless all of you, you are angels of god on earth!