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Saturday, 9 January 2010

We need your help- we are being held in Cairo airport

50 of us are still imprisoned in a small section of terminal 4 at Cairo(International). No drinking water is provided to us until we met with someone from British Consulate at 6.00pm (2pmGMT), we had no free access to toilet facilities or food.
The authorities have informed the British consulate that we are deported from Egypt, but no evidence is produced as to why. The British representatives agree that this is collective punishment.
There is no reason why, having obtained Egyptian visa, we should not be able to leave the airport. We, as detainees, have requested a visit from the Red Crescent. This has been refused.We have also requested bedding for the night, but this has been refused too. So we will have to sleep on the cold hard marble floor in bright light and regular loud airport announcements.

Breaking News- We have just spoken with D
D and Ingrid are being held with 40 others at Cairo airport in a small room with only 1 toilet. They are not allowed to leave the airport. They are being officially deported (yet have committed no crime) and they are still being forced to pay for their own flights.

Their passports have been seized and they haven't been fed or been provided water since 4am.

However due to weather, flights are scarce and pressure is being put upon them to pay for expensive Egyptian airlines flights.

We need your support to phone the Foreign and Commonwealth office in London on 0207 0081500 to increase the pressure to get the Swansea women into a hotel until flights are available.

When you phone, explain you are calling about the Gaza convoy volunteers being detained at Cairo airport in uncomfortable conditions. Ask what are they doing about getting the women released.

Important-D is traveling under her Irish name Marie Ni Mhurchu. Ingrid Bousquet from Swansea is also with her

Cairo airport departures board

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