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Friday, 8 January 2010

Women break siege in Gaza with medical aid from Swansea

Press Release
Women break siege in Gaza with medical aid from Swansea

A month after leaving Swansea, 3 aunties from the city drove their van across the Gaza border in the Middle East.

Their epic journey across Europe, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt involved sleeping rough, driving through snow blizzards, police riots and even an emergency landing in a plane. But finally the Swansea van packed with medical aid, crutches and wheelchairs crossed the Rafah border into Gaza to cheers from besieged Palestinians.

The 12 seat van, which has disabled access will be donated to a hospital in Gaza.Despite international people touring inside Gaza, Israel sent in air strikes firing rockets into Gaza last night.

Convoy driver and NUJ member D Murphy said
‘I have a few bruises and a sore rib from the Egyptian Police attack. We have been given just one day in Gaza. We met fantastic people and wish we could stay, but Egypt is planning to deport every member of the humanitarian aid convoy today'

British MP George Galloway was deported from Cairo earlier today.

This time last year Israel bombed the people of Gaza for 23 days and nights killing 1400 including women and children. The borders have since been closed allowing little medical aid to treat the many wounded.

Daily updates, photos and videos from the convoy are on
Media contact 07973 298359

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