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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

3-3 Palestine - Wales Match

Wales 3 - Palestine 3

The Inaugural Palestine-Wales Football Match that took place last Friday in Singleton Park resulted in a 3-3 Draw. The pace of the match was fast, furious and good-natured.

After the Match Players and Spectators had a picnic of Palestinian Falafel Sandwhiches and Welsh Cakes. Some of the Welsh players who meet regularly on Sundays for a match invited the Palestinians to join them, result!

The day was such a success that Swansea Palestine Community Link have decided to make it a yearly event. (Photo: Bob Cottrill)


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    1. Palestine??? Gaza is and always has been a part of the land of Israel...as the Bible clearly teaches. Don't be ridiculous.

    2. How do you trust a book that was man-written? it really pisses me off how they always use the media to make other people (especially Americans) hate Arabs, it was also proven that the bible effects the brain negatively and so does the media.. And Israel is clearly killing us. WHY? how do they even sleep at night..? It's our Land and There are more than 5 bibles which one of them says that Gaza is Israeli?

  2. How convenient that a book written by Jews can be considered "proof" that Palestine is really just Israel. Try reading a book written by an actual historian before leaving such stupid comments!