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Monday, 11 July 2011

Some released..58 now left in Israeli Prisons

UK Consular staff in Tel Aviv report that 2 UK nationals are due to be deported at 1820 UK time, and should arrive in London Luton at 2355. (Easy Jet flight: EZY 2086)
At 83, the oldest UK participant, John Lyons is due to travel with Mick Napier, the UK co-ordinator of the Welcome to Palestine initiate.

Jerusalem Post report:
Israel has deported some 23 "Flightilla" activists today, leaving only 58 in Israeli prison awaiting flights out of the country.Six French citizens left Israel on an easyJet flight bound for Switzerland. In addition, 15 Belgian citizens were sent on a Swiss Air flight to Zurich. Two German citizens were flown on Austrian Airlines to Austria. One activists from Belgium was released into Israel, after pledging not to violate any laws.

Although they refused to be deported, they were forced to board a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt. The flight will reach Frankfurt at 20:00 (german time) and some passengers will transit to Berlin (arrival 22:50) and Hanover (arrival 22:10) according to the Israeli Airport Authority’s assurances while Lufthansa said the plane has a delay of at least one hour.

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