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Friday, 8 July 2011

Fiona taken for questioning by Police

Swansea Council worker Fiona Williams, and another campaigner Joy, have been taken somewhere for questioning by Police. Spirits are good despite the heavy presence of Israeli Police. The people are asking a lawyer to demand a deportation hearing as they have done nothing wrong.

At least 60 pro-Palestinian activists taken from EasyJet, Alitalia flights for police interrogation. Outside the airport 6 left-wing activists arrested after causing disturbance. Police diverted two passenger aircrafts that landed at Ben-Gurion International Airport, detaining at least 60 suspected pro-Palestinian activists for questioning.

The flights, one EasyJet from Geneva and one Alitalia, were diverted to Terminal 1, where police combed passengers for pro-Palestinian activists expected to attempt entry into the country as part of the "air flotilla,"

After police finished checking the flights, passengers not connected to the groups of activists were ferried back to Terminal 3. The suspected activists were taken to a separate area of the airport for questioning.Undercover agents and police continue to be deployed at Ben-Gurion Airport as more "air flotilla" participants were expected to arrive.

Meanwhile, six left-wing Israeli activists were arrested after causing a disturbance in the arrivals area at Terminal Three police added.The activists held up signs inside the terminal saying "Welcome to Palestine.

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  1. Israel supporter26 June 2012 at 23:32

    You people sicken me, Israel is a great country full of great people...that includes ARABS as well as the Jewish majority! Do you seriously think that the israeli jews are persecuting the palestinians? they are not! israel does what it does because very often the terrorist palestinians fire missiles into israel from gaza! israel was also NEVER an islamic state, muslims never ruled israel. the palestinian myth was invented, it is an anti-Semitic fabrication! and the majority of palestinian civilians DON'T WANT A PALESTINIAN STATE! ISRAELI ARABS ALSO DON'T WANT A PALESTINIAN STATE, BECAUSE THE CHANCES ARE SOME EXTREMIST IDIOT WILL RISE TO POWER!