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Monday, 11 July 2011

Interview with D from the Prison

We just got this interview with D and other people from a lawyer who got into the Ramle prison. He gives the picture of the experience.

In the evening they were put into trucks that they normally use to transfer prisoners. These metal trucks with metal chairs are very small. At least 12 people were put in one of these trucks and left there for a long time without food, drinks or air conditioning. After several hours they asked for food and drinks, but they got nothing. ‘This to me is shocking to hear, as there are several men of age that were detained. Among them an Irish and British man of respectively 73 and 83 years old. To put these men in a small van that is not bigger than 1 square meter with ten other people and without food and drinks for over 4 hours, is just jarring.’
Today Anan heard stories about how the police attacked the group of travelers at the airport as well. This was a quick and violent approach. An Irish woman told him how the group was surrounded by at least 25 soldiers and security guards. As they were provoked, a man was shouted at, before he got beaten by soldiers and then handcuffed for no reason. ‘I actually met this man in the prison today and the bite marks still can be seen on his hand and neck.’

After being put in the van and waiting for several hours outside the airport, the detainees were brought to the prison in Ramleh. When brought to the van they, however, were told that they would be taken to a hotel before being deported back home. Without any additional information or explanation, at three in the morning they had to find out they were actually taken to a prison. ‘Most of them arrived at four in the afternoon at the airport and until they arrived at the prison, they had to do without food and water for this whole period of time. All of their luggage was taken at the airport, including their money. ‘
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