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Monday, 11 July 2011

Israel tries to make Boycotts illegal

Today the Israeli Government (the Knesset) is voting on it's "boycott law" which would criminalize calls for geographically-based boycotts. The Israeli newspapers are mostly against the law writing as follows:

Haaretz comments: "Today, the Knesset was slated to approve the final reading of the Boycott Prohibition Law, which imposes severe punishments on anyone who calls, directly or indirectly, for boycotting Israel. This contemptible law blatantly violates Israel's Basic Laws. The legislators are trying to silence one of the most legitimate forms of democratic protest, and to restrict the freedom of expression and association of those who oppose the occupation and the settlers' violence and want to protest against the government's flawed order of priorities. Knesset members who vote for this law must understand that they are supporting the gagging of protest as part of an ongoing effort to liquidate democracy."

Yediot Aharonot notes that, "There are those for whom boycott means cottage cheese. For me, it reminds me of other things, much less pleasant: The scrawling of 'Jude' and the Star of David on the windows of Jewish stores in Nazi Germany; international corporations like Coca Cola and Toyota which gave in to the Arab boycott and for years avoided selling their products in Israel, and, in contrast, with boycotts by extremist rabbis of Jews they did not accept, from Spinoza to today." The paper maintains that, "A boycott is a legitimate consumer weapon - and a doubtful political one. It is the weapon of those who have despaired of convincing others of the justice of their position.

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