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Monday, 11 July 2011

Prisoners begin Hunger strikes

The 2 Swansea women are being held in a prison in Ramle so we are unaware if they too have began a hunger strike.

However the Israeli authorities released two older German men from Bersheeva prison yesterday, but only on condition that they sign an Israeli legal document that was presented to them only in Hebrew and English, languages they do not understand. The Israeli authorities even refused to give them a copy of the paper they signed. Since their release, they have given insights into the prison conditions.

A number of Belgians being held in Bersheeva prison, began a hunger strike last night. The Belgians demand, on behalf of all the prisoners, to have contact with their families and with their attorneys. They demand an international investigation into the behavior of airline companies and Israeli officials. They also demand to be able to have contact with each other in the Israeli prison. For example, because the French and Belgian men and women are separated in the Bersheeva prison, the men do not know whether the women are also aware of the hunger strike. It is believed that the French men have joined the hunger strike. According to the Germans who were released from Bersheeva, the German men and women there are also participating in the hunger strike, but the men and women are not allowed to speak with each other.

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