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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Protest marks the historic decision by Swansea Council

This 'Flytilla' protest marks the 1st anniversary of the historic decision taken by Swansea City Council last year to bar future contracts with Veolia on the grounds of its illegal activities in the West Bank.

The passing of the resolution was very important in its own right, but we have since discovered that this is the first resolution of its kind to have been passed by any UK authority, in that it makes explicit its reasons for ruling out any future contracts with Veolia. Other authorities have discontinued contracts with Veolia, but have not specified this reason. Swansea City Council is therefore leading the way with what is now seen as a landmark decision.

Veolia had contracts with the authority for local bus, park & ride to the tune of £699k per annum and home school to the tune of £238k per annum.

Swansea City Council approved the following resolution unamended on Thursday June 17th 2010: "The UN not only does not recognise Israel’s annexation and occupation of East Jerusalem, but has repeatedly stated its view that the Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank contravene international law, and it has demanded that Israeli settlement activities and occupation should not be supported. The international trading company, Veolia, is a leading partner in a consortium seeking to build a light railway system linking Israel to illegal settlements in occupied East Jerusalem, a project that clearly not only contravenes UN demands but is in contravention of international law.

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