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Friday, 15 July 2011

Secret camera captures life of Swansea women in Israeli prison

The secret life of Swansea women behind bars in an Israeli prison. Using a hidden video camera, Swansea women recorded their 6 nights locked up in a high security prison in Israel. Stopped at Tel Aviv airport last Friday the 2 Swansea women alongside 122 other EU nationals were imprisoned despite breaking no laws.

Last year Israeli forces performed a raid on the hospital wing of Ramla prison 25 detainees residing in the hospital wing for treatment of chronic illnesses were searched for mobile phones and other communication devices.One of the patients testified for the ministry, and called the search "barbaric," explaining that most of the belongings of the detainees in the ward were broken.

So getting a hidden camera into the Prison was tough decision but one we felt was worth the risk.

Video footage and video stills are available for broadcast, Please contact paulo@undercurrents.org or 07973 298359

The video clips shows how Fiona Williams, a mum from Wales was forced to scrub the prison floors in exchange for food.

Life inside the hot cells, metal doors slamming and tense interactions with the Israeli guards were all captured. The images will form part of a documentary being produced about the attempt by Welsh women to challenge the Israeli blockade of the West Bank. The documentary will be released later this year.


  1. To finding some secretes to crime or any issue we should install to security camera. It's by the we will get some important hits and video to take secretes.

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