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Monday, 18 July 2011

Evening Post:Imprisoned women film their jail ordeal

Imprisoned women film their jail ordeal
South Wales Evening Post

A hidden video camera recorded the daily life of two Swansea women behind bars in an Israeli prison.Council worker Fiona Williams, of Mumbles, who returned to the city on Thursday was one of a group of a dozen UK activists to travel to the country in protest against the blockade of Palestine.

Book-keeper D Murphy, of Mount Pleasant, was also detained on her arrival at Ben Guirion airport in Tel Aviv despite breaking no laws.The women managed to smuggle out the recorded video moments of their six nights locked up in the high security prison in Israel.The video clips shows how Miss Williams was forced to scrub the prison floors in exchange for food.Life inside the hot cells and tense interactions with the Israeli guards were all captured.

The images will form part of a documentary being produced about the attempt by the Swansea women to challenge the Israeli blockade of the West Bank.
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