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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Swansea people send letter to MP's calling on Government to act

Dear Geraint Davies and Martin Caton AM

Detention of Swansea women by Israel
Constituents of yours are among those imprisoned in Israel after being unlawfully detained in transit through Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport on the way to West Bank Palestine.We are referring to D Murphy, an Irish citizen resident in Mount Pleasant, and Fiona Williams of Mumbles.

Their detention is unlawful because the Israeli occupation and settlement of the West Bank is illegal under international law. It is in furtherance of this policy that Israel has closed all independent access routes to the occupied territories, leaving only Tel Aviv airport and the Israeli-controlled Allenby Bridge crossing from Jordan.

Although Israel cites security reasons for detaining the ‘fly-in’ passengers over the weekend, there was no risk to security at the airport or anywhere else in Israel or the occupied territories.Passengers are routinely searched anyway, and those on the weekend ‘fly-in’ were committed to non violence, as were their Palestinian hosts.

The detention of these passengers, among scores of others, is yet another assertion of the occupation in defiance of international law, as recognized by the British government among others.Consular help for the victims is not enough. What is now required is at very least a formal protest by the UK and other governments concerned, and a clear demand that this will not happen again. Visitors to Palestine should not be forced to lie about their destination or pose as pilgrims. The British government should not leave it to individual citizens to assert and act upon the international law to which it subscribes, and which it has a duty to enforce.

Please convey this message as urgently and forcefully as you can to the ministers concerned, and we would welcome any other help you can offer.

yours sincerely

Greg Wilkinson, 19 Trafalgar Place SA2 0BU
Ada Garton, 19 Trafalgar Place SA2 0BU
Clare Pilborough 34, Glen Road, West Cross SA3 5PR
Barbara Clark, 33 Brynmill Terrace, SA2 0BA
Maggie Tracey, 6 Pen-y-Bryn, Cwmllynfell SA9 2FL
Keith M Ross, 2 Francis Street, Brynmill SA1 4NH
Lisa Reese, 51 Linkside Drive, Southgate SA3 2BS
Brian and Jan Jones, 72 Heol Gwyn, Yr Alltwen, Pontardawe SA8 3AN
Deborah Fink (Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods), 51 Langley Drive, London E11 2LN.
Bob Cotterill, 8 Harries St,. Mt. Pleasant, Swansea, SA1 6HR.
Marilyn and Alan Thomas, 8 Western Close, Mumbles SA3 4HF

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