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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Thursday Morning: Update on release of Swansea women

Despite the report from BBC that the women were put on a plane back from Israel last night, we still haven't heard anything from the women.

The Scottish Palestine solidarity campaign did receive a text from Pippa stating that Fiona and Joyce and Pippa were getting on a plane last night. D however was staying in Prison with Angelica, a German woman who is fighting a legal battle against deportation.

Once we can confirm the news, we will post it here. Meanwhile for a Welsh read about the case. Click here

Israel: Ymgrychwyr o Gymru wedi eu rhyddhau
Bu Fiona Williams yn ymprydio am 48 awr Mae pedair Cymraes aeth i brotestio yn Israel wedi cael eu hanfon adref.Roedd y merched o Abertawe wedi mynd efo grŵp i wrthdystio ynglŷn â'r ffordd annheg y maen nhw'n honni y mae pobl Palesteina'n cael eu trin.Maen nhw'n dweud eu bod wedi cael eu cadw mewn carchar yno ar ôl cyrraedd Tel Aviv ddydd Gwener diwethaf.Cafodd protestwyr eraill o'r DU eu halltudio ond gwrthododd y Cymry gan fynnu nad oedden nhw wedi gwneud dim o'i le.
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Back in Israel, the results of court cases are a minor victory yesterday.
Court rules 2 pro-Palestinian activists can stay in Israel, with conditions
Two activists who took part in fly-in will not be deported to their home countries if they agree not to participate in demonstrations. Read in Haaretz
An Israeli court ruled Wednesday that two pro-Palestinian activists slated for deportation could remain, but only if they agreed not to participate in demonstrations, a spokesman for the Welcome to Palestine organization said.Sergio Yahni, whose organization is behind a fly-in of pro-Palestinian activists, could not say, however, whether the two agreed to the condition laid down by the District Court in the city of Petah Tikva, east of Tel Aviv.

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