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Monday, 11 July 2011

What can we expect from the deportation process?

The Swansea women are refusing to co-operate with Israel so they will not accept being deported. So what can we expect Israel to do?

Last year Irish Nobel Laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire was deported from Israel on October 5th after spending more than a week in detention at Tel Aviv Airport as she attempted to fight the deportation order.4 Israeli security men tried to force her to board an airplane after she arrived in the country as part of the Nobel Womens' Initiative (NWI) delegation to Israel and Palestine.Maguire put up fierce resistance and stated she would fight the deportation through an Israeli court. She was supported by the captain of the airplane and he refused to allow any passengers to be forcefully boarded against their will. She was eventually deported, and warned they would not be able to enter Israel again for ten years.

Al Jazeera has a a report from the first people to be released from the prisons.

After being detained at Ben Gurion airport and placed in a bus where they were held for four hours, the bus carrying the activists finally moved and drove the group to a prison facility near Beer Sheva in the Negev desert, a two hour drive from the airport.

Submitting to their fatigue after skipping a night of sleep, the detainees disembarked the prison bus and were guided through one of the prisons narrow corridors filled with prison guards, some of whom were filming or taking pictures of the new arrivals.
Photo:Flytilla activists detained in a prison bus at Ben Gurion airport

Having been crammed into the bus for hours, many of the detainees fell asleep on the concrete floor of the cell after finally being able to lie down. Later, each person was again frisked and brought to the actual prisoners' area, where they met with a psychologist and a doctor.

The detainees were given breakfast and a bag containing slippers, clean prison outfits, soap, and toothpaste and a brush. Each one was allocated a bed bunk, four to a cell.

Later, the detainees were individually called in for a meeting with Israeli immigration officers who asked them to sign declarations in which they would promise not to go to the Palestinian territories in the future and refrain from causing trouble or taking part in protests. In some cases, the declarations were also deportation forms.

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