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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Life within the Israeli prison

Fiona Williams and D Murphy from Swansea are amongst the 85 people being detained in the Givon immigration detention center in Ramle.
In 2010 another Palestinian supporter and American politician Cynthia McKinney was imprisoned and she described her ordeal as prisoner number 88794. The prison is known as one of Israel's harshest - a former British police station, overcrowded, stinking, many inside with no bed, everyone confined to tiny areas, some in isolation with no sunlight.

At the time the Israeli government tried to convince McKinney to sign deportation papers, however, McKinney at least initially refused to sign, arguing that she could not be sure of what the papers stated as they were written in Hebrew.We can probably expect the same thing to happen to the Swansea women. Meanwhile today the first group of 36 Europeans have been deported on a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt. Another group of activists is expected to be deported on Monday on a Geneva -bound flight.

The airlines were upset with Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon's comments made to the media to the effect that Israel's diplomatic efforts led to the airlines' cooperation in preventing the entrance of the activists.
"We are a commercial business. The fact that we prevented the activists from boarding the planes is no evidence of our supporting the State of Israel against the activists, or the opposite. Our actions are bereft of any political statement for one side or another," said the manager of a European airline in Israel.

"It's a shame that there are government officials that are exploiting this incident for political points on the backs of the airlines," he added.

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