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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Swansea Palestine Action on Israeli News

A report by Walla!, Israels largest online news portal reported about the Swansea women getting a hidden camera inside an Israeli prison last month.
Read the report here in Hebrew or a badly translated version here
The Israeli prison service were quoted;
'How a hidden camera was got into the prison is under investigation. Also, regarding the claims raised in the video, it is clear that the intent of the speakers is a defamation of the IPS is a symbol of the State of Israel."

Meanwhile the Swansea women are still waiting a response on why they were locked up for six days in the first place!


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  3. I wish that Irish (IRA) pain in the ass Dee Murphy would piss-off; what an embarrassment....

  4. I wish that Andy Hayes fixed that pain in his posterior by not posting childish comments

  5. So you deny that she has ADMITTED that she supported the IRA?

  6. Andy Hayes- you are talking out of your posterior. If you have ever met D, you would know that she is a peaceful direct action campaigner. So stop with the nonsense.

  7. Hi Andy Hayes, d.Murphy here. Have we met? I am curious as to why you believe that I am an IRA supporter. Why would you think that? Did you read it somewhere maybe? Anyone who knows me, knows nothing could be further from the truth. I am a pacifist, and the only action I believe in in Non-Violent Direct Action.

  8. Murphy, if you truly are a pacifist, why do you support terrorists who are trying to wipe the Israelis off the face of the earth?

    Seems to me, you like sticking your oar into lots of boats, including illegally taking over empty buildings. You are off your chunk.