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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Swansea Palestine Community Link on route to Israel

Media reports state that easyJet has joined other carriers in preventing pro-Palestinian activists from boarding flights to Israel.

“easyJet, along with all other airlines which operate flights to Israel, has been advised by the Israeli Border Authority that a number of passengers due to travel over the weekend will not be allowed to enter Israel,” easyJet said in a statement.

“easyJet is compliant with all legislation where it operates and, as part of our legal obligation, must refuse carriage of any passenger at the request of the relevant authorities. This also protects our customers from the inconvenience of arriving into Israel and either being detained or returned immediately.”

An easyJet spokesperson told AFP that it had stopped passengers from boarding Israel-bound flights from London and Switzerland.

“It’s not affecting a significant number of easyJet passengers,” the spokesperson added.

In Israel, hundreds of police were on the lookout for pro-Palestinian activists flying in to the country’s main airport on Sunday, as Europe’s main airlines faced passenger fury after cancelling scores of tickets.

By early afternoon, there was little visible movement inside Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv, although police said they had detained nine passengers for questioning on suspicion of being part of the “Welcome to Palestine” fly-in campaign, better known as the “flytilla”.

Despite these reports as far as we know, 5 members of Swansea Palestine Community Link are currently in the air on route to Israel. Will they be allowed to pass onto Palestine or will Israel react and lock them up? Stay tuned. They land at 19.25pm local time (GMT 15.25pm)

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  1. 5/6 is very very good going given the bull that has been pulled by the airlines and govts :) proud of dee for managing to get such a motley crew aboard :)