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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Welsh Palestine Supporters expect to be denied entry by EasyJet.

Swansea Palestine Community Link
Press Release

Welsh Palestine Supporters expect to be denied entry by EasyJet.

A group of Welsh people are expected to blocked from boarding an EasyJet
aircraft on Sunday April 15 at Luton airport.

EasyJet in England said it had been advised by Israel of a number of
passengers that would not be allowed to enter the country. The airline
said it had a legal obligation to "refuse carriage of any passenger at the
request of the relevant authorities."

At least 6 people from Swansea Palestine Community Link have purchased the
£250 airline tickets from EasyJet with the intention of flying into Israel
on route to Palestine.

One passenger, and a co-founder of Swansea Palestine Community Link, D
Murphy said

‘I do not believe I will get the opportunity to visit the area, in
particular Bethlehem and Ramalah. Blockades are being enforced to prevent
campaigners from landing, with Israel’s public security minister, Yitzhak
Aharonovitch already stating that names have been forwarded to
international airports in the hope that they will be prevented from
boarding flights.’

Last year Ms Murphy flew into Israel and openly stated that her
destination was Palestine. The Israeli authorities responded by locking
the 58 year old grandmother and 119 other internationals in a high
security prison fro 6 nights until they deported them all.

Palestine and the West Bank is accessible only by traveling from Israel’s
Ben Gurion airport or through the Israeli-controlled border crossings. For
this reason, travelers visiting the West Bank are often advised to play
coy and answer mainly about visiting holy sites in Jerusalem or the
Galilee in northern Israel. But volunteers or activists whose main purpose
is entering the Palestinian Territories must almost certainly obfuscate
their purpose for visiting, or risk intense questioning, strip search, or

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