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A campaign to raise awareness of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice.
We support the call for Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions of Israel and Israeli goods.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Call to Boycott

Beethovians for Boycotting Israel perfom "Ode to Boycott". Dedicated to all the musicians of Palestine.


  1. It's interesting that One People productions in Swansea are going to be making a film about how Palestinians persecute gays and lesbians in Palestine.

    1. Hi there, I've spoken to One People but no one there seems to know anything about this film. But if I hear anymore I will let you know. If they do go ahead and make it I'm am sure it will be a balanced film, as they are an ethical bunch of people.

  2. Pleased to hear about this; Gays and Lesbians are treated appallingly in Palestine.

    The United Nations have repeatedly condemned the Palestinian Authority for their treatment of homosexuals (throwing Gay men from the top of tall buildings, and gang-raping Lesbians and then setting them on fire).

    I'm really looking forward to seeing this film; when will it be released and where will it be shown in Swansea?

  3. There was a very interesting story on Radio 4 last night; not only do Palestinians persecute gay and lesbian people, but also Christians. The programme said that Palestinians have burnt down a lot of churches, attacked and raped Christians, and evicted them from their homes.

    Bit much that Palestinians and their supporters are always screaming about persecution, but are happy themselves to persecute a minority group...